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"Clutch Remanufacturers Since 1980"

We have an extensive inventory of clutch parts and components on hand that allows us to rebuild just about any clutch you can bring us. This has a number of benefits for our customers:

Quick Turnaround. Most clutches can be turned around the same day, sometimes in just hours. For many common applications, we also carry an inventory of remanufactured clutches complete and ready to go -- no waiting.

Custom Applications. We can customize a clutch to suit your specialized needs.

Farm & Industrial Equipment. We can supply any need, especially older equipment that may be hard to source.

All Heavy Duty Applications. We can provide a solution for all your heavy duty applications.

Value Solutions. A remanufactured clutch is your best value on the market.


Why Remanufactured?

As a society we have grown more environmentally aware - and with very good reason. So it makes a lot of sense to use remanufactured parts. Remanufactured parts cut down on the amount of materials going into waste sites which benefits everyone.

By using Fil-Mor remanufactured parts you enable us to maintain our Canadian workforce. We reinvest in Canada and keep Canadians employed. Using foreign manufactured, new parts does not aid Canadian manufacturers in providing jobs for Canadians.

Our products meet all original equipment specifications so you can buy with complete confidence. Don't be a part of the problem -- be a part of the solution! Buy and use Canadian remanufactured parts to help our economy and our environment. And our cost effective pricing helps keep customers satisfied.

Install quality Fil-Mor remanufactured clutches with complete confidence.

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