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New and Remanufactured Clutch Warranty

We warrant our new and remanufactured clutches, excluding TorqueMaster* clutches, to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months or 20,000km for passenger cars, excluding commercial vehicles, and for ninety (90) days or 5,000km for all other vehicles, including all commercial vehicles, provided that the products are: 

  1. used for their originally intended purpose and application, and in normal operating environments,
  2. properly installed in a vehicle for which they were intended, and which has not been modified to increase performance, or otherwise vary normal operating conditions,
  3. installed without having been damaged, misused, abused, tampered with, disassembled, modified, neglected, or installed in more than one vehicle,
  4. subject to normal inspection, maintenance, and servicing routines.

Our sole obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the product, or the refund of the purchase price, at our option. Fil-Mor will not be responsible for labour claims related to a defective part. We assume no liability, of any kind, for loss or consequential damages arising out of the use of our products as set forth in this warranty.

This warranty shall apply only if the defective part is returned to us, transportation prepaid, accompanied by a written statement of the claim, and our factory inspection reveals a defect in material or workmanship and there is no evidence of fault in the handling or operation of the unit in question.

Fil-Mor does not authorize any other person or its agents to assume for it any other liability whatsoever in connection with the sale of its products.

*This warranty does not apply to TorqueMaster clutches.  Click here to view our TorqueMaster clutch warranty.


In the event you have a warranty claim you must complete an Alleged Defective Material Report to submit your claim.  You can download a copy here.

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